Work in Progress

currently i'm working on a Procedural environment solution, designed to generate realistic natural environments suited for a multitude of games, and when it has progressed I will soon show some of it.
For now here is my previous completed project is a Procedural Railroad system, it is designed to automatically generate a fully functional railroad based on a number of input curves,

at every intersection a switch is automatically generated, which is fully prodedural and tangent, also a full electrics system is created. with correct pillar placement

to learn more about this project please follow the link at the bottom of the page to access the paper, the Final grade for ths specialisation assignment was a 9. of which I am very proud.

I hope the paper is of any use, here is the Link

Other work

A lecture about gamedesign and gamebalancing it can be viewed: here

a lecture on leveldesign unfortunately it is not recorded but the slides should give some insight. Feel free to mail me with any questions! powerpoint presentation

this is our first gamelab (14 day) game grandma's cookies Grandma's cookies

Pirates, one of the worlds first realtime raytraced games.
Arauna Realtime Raytracing