My name is Freek Hoekstra, I am a 23 year old 3D artist specialized in procedural art with an interest in leveldesign.
I strongly believe that Artists can and should use the computer as efficiently as possible and thus started building tools to facilitate this.
However as a leveldesigner I do know the importance of precise control and iteration. I therefore strive to create procedures that both amplify the abilities of a designer or artist, while keeping them in full control of the endresult.
Furthermore I really like working with both 3D engines, designing area's for players, as well as working in houdini, creating procedural modeling tools that enable artists to create environments quickly and efficiently, an example of a tool is the procedural railroad detailed here: Link


at IGAD, I have enjoyed excellent education, reaffirming things I had already learnt, and learning new things about architecture, math, anatomy, modeling, animation, narration, design, and nature

Currently I am In my Final year of education (specializing in procedural art, more specifically procedural leveldesign). I have done my internship as a leveldesigner at Playlogic games, where I worked on creating content for the game Fairytale fights, specifically designed to improve upon the gameplay of the then released game, I also worked on some unfinished projects.

extra curricular activities
I have worked on 3 games in the 5 man team: Ragesquid
winning several rewards and getting international recognition:
( Brains eden Cambridge: Best gameplay, crowd favorite: games4heatlh jam)


I have had an interest in games since my childhood. I designed My first level for C&C in 1996/7 when i was 8/9 years old. and quickly progressed to UT, UT2003, UT2004 and eventually joined and led some Modteams. I quit doing mods because I was selected to study Gamedesign (IGAD) at the NHTV in Breda.


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